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Even More Information

by Hawke Robinson published Nov 05, 2015 04:55 PM, last modified Apr 03, 2016 10:41 PM
For those preferring a more technical presentation, here is a much more detail version of the information about why you should donate to the RPG Trailer fund raiser.

Please help spread the word: - Help build the wheelchair friendly RPG trailer to provide services to special needs populations throughout North America.


To be clear, I provide all these services for free, and the trailer will reduce my costs considerably, not increase them, it is just getting over that down-payment hump that is the challenge. The trailer won't be built until the manufacturer in Arizona receives the down payment (a company that specializes in wheelchair accessible RVs for individuals), and they will custom-built it to the specifications to allow for whole gaming groups. Which is less expensive than a pre-built regular new or used RV and then trying to modify it after.

Just some corrections regarding the layout of the trailer.. The trailer doesn't exist anywhere, that photo is a mock-up using Gimp (free photoshop) of some of my actual gamers superimposed on the mock-up trailer. The trailer design will accommodate around 6 people in wheelchairs, or 10 without, and any combination in between, the mock-up just shows different combination configurations (the tables can be moved/removed to accommodate different mixes of different needs. The more detailed layout can be seen here (including video fly-through): That video has 3 in wheelchairs, with 5 not, and room for 2 more.

Currently I drive my SUV, sometimes with a small trailer, to locations, hauling a lot of supplies, unboxing at locations, setting it all up, then running tabletop, live-action, and computer-based RPGs, then boxing all up, hauling back, unpacking back at the home, and resorting for the next group (typically 1-3 hours setup/tear-down time in addition to actual game time and travel time). With the trailer, it is all there ready to go.

While I have been involved in organizing such larger gatherings as some have suggested (Tolkien Moot, Extra Life, MerpCon, WorldCon Gaming, etc.), this is not an option for a large number of the clients I have been working with. For example, some have significant social phobias, they can barely handle a group of gamers (but it helps them to do so), but stores and larger gatherings are far too much for them.

For another example, when I volunteered with the Recreation Therapists for the in-patients at Saint Luke's Rehabilitation Brain Injury & Spinal Cord Injury departments. While they can easily wheel out the clients to the parking lot (the Recreation Therapists regularly do this for those further along in their recovery), and into the trailer, taking them to a game store, community college, library, or community center, with their limited time window and insurance restrictions, is very problematic. We talked at length there about how the trailer would be the perfect solution for both RPGs and music therapy. I solves the facilities space limitation, noise issues, etc.. Just a couple of many examples. 

And also, for providing services in Tacoma, Seattle, Portland, Canada, and elsewhere, my hotel costs have been huge, far greater than gasoline costs, the trailer even with the added hauling would greatly reduce those costs so I can afford to provide more sessions at locations outside of the Spokane area, including training teams of other recreation therapists at their facilities.

As for using GoFundMe, for this type of fundraiser, I didn't really see a means of using Kickstarter or others since it is service based rather than goods-based, so tried to offer incentives such as recognition, plaques, and on-site gaming provision, would welcome additional ideas, but it can't be goods-delivery, otherwise that will mess up the tax status.

The higher/highest incentives do offer providing on-site games depending on how far away. The Bodhana Group on the east coast, and folks from Savage Worlds on the West Coast, have been very kindly verbally providing support, hopefully over time that will translate into donations. I will see what I can come up with regarding some G+ enabled games. I've run them from time-to-time, less than ideal, but if it would provide added incentive, I would be happy to do so. I wonder how many would find that of value, and at what donation level?