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Phase 1 Wrap of RPG Bus

by Hawke Robinson published Apr 13, 2018 11:05 AM, last modified Apr 17, 2018 10:58 PM
The first phase of getting the Wheelchair Accessible RPG Bus is now underway!

UPDATE April 16th, 2018 5:23 pm:

Phase 1 wrap is complete (passenger side):

RPG Bus Wrap Phase 1

Phase 1 is the driver side wrap. it cost $1,400 USD. I need to save up for Phase 2, to wrap the driver side (Same price again). Phase 3 will wrap the rear of the bus (about half the cost of the sides), and Phase 4 will wrap the front.

The wood flooring is about 90% complete for the floor. I haven't started on the wood floor trim yet.

Meanwhile, the lengthy todo list is coming along. Today I fixed the broken brake lights and turn signals (thanks to my distant past ASE automotive electrical background :-) ), cleaned up more of the rust and grime from the previous owner, figured out where I can wire up the 3,000 watt power inverter (use the same wiring as the wheelchair lift), and began working on the wiring needed to attach the RPG Trailer. I have 9 days left to get everything ready before the WSTRA conference and presentation!

The RPG Bus Website is not yet ready to start booking sessions, but it is now on the road nearly daily as we prepare for it's maiden voyage. We'll be taking it, with the RPG Trailer, to the upcoming Washington State Therapeutic Recreation Association anual Conference ( April 27-28 in Wenatchee, Washington. This bus has been a major fixer-upper, and there is a lot more that needs to be finished before it is fully ready, but we're working very hard to get there.


Original Post: Since it is so expensive, I am having the bus wrapped in phases. The first step, in time for speaking at the upcoming annual Washington State Therapeutic Recreation Association Conference (, wrapping the passenger side of the bus.

I had to do a LOT of prep work. Sanding off rust, priming, painting, power washing many times, it has to be immaculate.

They said it was one of the cleanest vehicles they have had brought in (on that side).

They might finish this evening. Here are photos of the progress so far:




Clarifying the complex relationship between RPG Bus, RPG Trailer, RPG Therapeutics LLC, RPG Research, & Hawke Robinson

Hawke Robinson is the founder and creator of all these efforts. Hawke began researching the effects of role-playing games in 1983, deliverying RPG in educational settings such as high school, gifted & talented children, in 1985, and therapeutic programs since 2004.  Hawke is a Washington State Department of Health Recreational Therapist with a background in Therapeutic Recreation, music, neuroscience, research psychology, and computer science.

  • RPG Research is a 100% volunteer-run 501(c)3 non-profit human services charitable organization providing research and community services using role-playing games and music.
  • RPG Therapeutics LLC is a for-profit company providing professional services to client, care providers, therapeutic services, educational services, professional training, and entertainment services, including therapeutic recreation, music, consulting, and entertainment services, including and, Find A GM, RPG Parties, etc.
  • The Wheelchair Accessible RPG Trailer Prototype, and the Wheelchair Accessible RPG Bus are purchased and owned by Hawke Robinson, and loaned to RPG Research and RPG Therapeutics free of charge to help both organizations extend the reach of their their services, especially to those people most in need in under-served, un-served, and rural locations throughout the USA. Eventually, when RPG Research can afford the extensive costs to own and maintain the RPG Trailer and RPG Bus, Hawke Robinson will donate them to RPG Research.
  • The GoFundMe for the Ideal Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer is to build the ideal wheelchair friendly trailer. The current prototype trailer can accommodate 3 people in wheelchairs (plus 3 others no in wheelchairs, or 6 people total not in wheelchairs), the RPG bus can accommodate 2 people in wheelchairs (plus 4 others not in wheelchairs or 6 total not in wheelchairs). The custom-built one that the GoFundMe is to help cover the required 10% down-payment to begin the construction of the ($50,000 USD) trailer, will seat 6 to 8 people in wheelchairs, with fully wheelchair accessible bathroom and many other improvements. The GoFundme supports Hawke Robinson in making the initial purchase, and then he will continue making the monthly payments (as he is doing with the prototype trailer).
  • 20% of all profits from all of RPG Therapeutics LLC's programs is donated to RPG Research to help further their research and community service programs using music and role-playing games.

It is complicated, but this is the most affordable way to achieve so much at the lowest cost possible, and I hope this helps clarify things for everyone.

Happy Gaming!

















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