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The RPG Bus

by Hawke Robinson published Sep 13, 2017 02:05 AM, last modified Apr 16, 2018 05:16 PM
We have a new addition to the RPG Trailer family, the RPG Bus.

March 2018: Begun installing "wood" flooring myself:

RPG Bus wood floor 20180311

February, 2018; Brakes fixed thanks to Ulrick's Auto.

September 12th, 2017, I purchased the RPG Bus. This is going to be a bit of a project vehicle, probably requiring a lot of work well into summer 2018.

The bus is a 1984 Thomas Activity Bus with a wheelchair lift. All the seats (except he driver) were already removed.

 The bus runs, but needs a lot of clean up work before it will be ready for use.

Expect "before" photos September 13th.

This bus means that when we pull the RPG Trailer, we can show up with not one, but two wheelchair accessible gaming rooms on wheels. This means two groups can be run simultaneously!

My son and I will be working to fix it all up as soon as we can.

We will upload photos and progress reports on the website as we work on it.

Happy Gaming!


Please help spread the word:

The #Wheelchair accessible #RpgBus is here! Added to the #RpgTrailer "fleet". #RpgResearch providing role-playing games, ( #Rpg ) #TherapeuticRecreation / #RecreationTherapy and music to people in un-served and under-served locations! Fully functional wheelchair lift. Support us today!  Happy Gaming!

This is a major fixer-upper, but my youngest son is excited to help with the cleanup, repairs, overhauls, etc. Again, a LOT of work, but it runs and the wheelchair lift is fully operational. We drove it from the seller, up on top of Five Mile Prairie (a steep hill for a sustained duration), to take the shots, and then down the other side to my house.  Then we drove it to the dump to unload the 1,240 poounds of junk left it in from the previous owner's father passing away, and back home. It held up well, though clearly we need to give it a good tune-up, brake bleed, and more, in addition to the cleaning. It will be an interesting project. I don't realistically expect it to be ready for clients until Spring/Summer, but at least we are another big step closer to another piece of the puzzle being filled.

We'll be sharing updates on the clean up and restoration on the RPG Bus website: 

FYI, as with the wheelchair Friendly RPG trailer Prototype ( ), I used my own funds to purchase this. I took up some tech contracts to whip up the funds necessary. Those supporting us through GoFundMe and Patreon, those funds are still going into the RPG Research & RPG Trailer savings accounts to be used to fund projects like the MDA camp and similar projects that we have done over the years since 2004. Thank you for your support! When the bus is fully up and running, then your support will help cover gas and such for such programs helping those most in need.

When it is fully up and running, combined with the RPG trailer, it means TWO mobile facilities on the road! 

Happy Gaming!

-Hawke Robinson

September 13th, 2017.

Photo of fully operational Wheelchair lift with volunteer Drake standing on it.  



DSC 3121 rpg trailer pixelized and cropped 20170718a

0718171848c pixelized making shields group 20170718a lower res

0718171950a pixellated

0718171849 pixellated lowres

DSC 3110 Moot trailer cropped



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