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by Hawke Robinson published Nov 05, 2015 04:20 PM, last modified Apr 04, 2016 12:03 AM
If you are an educator, this page provides additional information as to why you should donate to help build the RPG Trailer...

Hawke at his "Lance-A-Lot" "Extreme Medieval Sports" for Northeast Youth Center "Fantastic Fun For All" Through Eastern Washington University (EWU)


Many schools, facilities, organizations, and professionals throughout the world, have found that using role-playing games are highly effective as an instructional modality for increasing student engagement and retention in many topics.

Here is a collection of research using RPGs for education:



The RPG Trailer will it much more affordable traveling across the North American continent providing educational institutions RPG sessions for students and/or training educators to help students engage more fully in the learning process, leading to better engagement, retention, and many other benefits.

Note, some program consultation and/or  training can be provided via audio/video conferencing for those beyond the reach of the trailer.

Appropriately using role-playing games for serious academic topics can help enable students to engage with their already assigned primary sources in ways that conventional seminar-style discussion does not. Studies in education and psychology have shown that role-playing helps students practice empathy and communication. For example, using a historical role-playing game can encourage students to inhabit a worldview wholly unlike their own. They can then emerge with a new understanding of the thinking and logic used during that time period, supporting controversial or complex topics.


Article HBO's VICE Documentary Group on using Live-Action Role-Playing (LARP) for Education,

including information on some of Hawke Robinson's programs.




Brian Huseland (left) & Hawke Robinson (right) at Tolkien MootParticipants in Hawke's "Extreme Medieval Sports" for Northeast Youth Center


There is extensive research on how role-playing games can be a powerful modality for instruction.



Hawke Robinson, the creator of the Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer, has been involved with role-playing games since 1979, and has created a number of programs using RPG to help participants learn various topics, ranging from practical life skills, to more academic topics.

Hawke is registered with the Washington State Department of Health as a Recreation Therapist.  

Hawke Robinson Presenting at Seattle Children's Hospital 2015

Here are a few examples programs I have created for (life skills) education using RPGs: 


Here are some programs by others using RPGs for to achieve numerous education goals:

  • California Abantey Workshop (math, science, etc.):
  • Østerskov Efterskole - Danish public high school teaching 9th and 10th year of education, and the subjects are: Danish, English, German, Mathematics, Science (physics and chemistry), Biology, Geography, History, Social science, Religion and Physical education.  using LARP
  • Mythic RPG & LARP, coordination with schools, libraries & others, offering programs encouraging reading & spelling (among many other programs). Greater New York / New Jersey metropolitan area