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Use this form to make contact and/or request a stop in your area during the current of future tours. We can provide tours of the wheelchair accessible bus & trailer, presentations on the potential for music & recreation therapy, and role-playing games, to help people from various populations improve their lives by helping them achieve their educational, professional, & recreational, and therapeutic goals. Visits can be with interested individuals, news media, educational institutions, researchers, various facilities, fan-based conventions or professional conferences, and others. We can't always guarantee we can come to your location, but we make every effort to do so. If we can't make it work for this tour, we can put you on the list for planning future tour routes. The first step is letting us know! Remember, the tour is to raise awareness for therapeutic recreation, role-playing games, accessibility & inclusiveness issues, the potential for music & recreation therapy to improve lives, and a fundraiser for the non-profit 501()3 charitable research & human services organization RPG Research. All of RPG Research's staff are unpaid volunteers, donations go to support research and community programs.

About non-profit RPG Research: 

Twitter: @rpgtour

Email: tour at rpgresearch dot com

Phone/Text: (509) 481-5437

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